Little Things

“Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.”-Humphry Davy

In life, there is always the “big picture”, the “grand scheme of things”, the large events in life that seem to occupy everyone’s time so easily. Try something for a minute. Pause what it is you’re doing. Take a deep, long breath in. What does the air smell like? Look around you. Is your area cluttered? Are you alone? Who’s with you? What does it look like outside? How many sentimental objects are in the room with you?

We often forget that the smallest things in life are often the most precious. A wallet-sized picture of your best friend, your favorite cup of tea, and even the people around you and the moments you share with them. Cherish every second you have. Remember the good times, and reflect on the bad. Everything happens for a reason. 

Gratitude is one of the biggest things you can have in life, and one that will benefit others. Be grateful for the hot meal you had today, even though a co-worker might have burned it before giving it to you. Be grateful for the shower you had this morning, even if the water didn’t stay hot. Be grateful for the people you have in your life; the good and the bad. The good ones should teach you things. They should bring out the best in you. The bad ones? Well, those relationships are reminders. Reminders so that now you know what to avoid in the future. Be grateful and take time to reflect on the things you have. I’m not one to use the “someone could have it worse” story, but don’t take your surroundings for granted. 

Take time to express your gratitude and kindness toward others. Hold open the door, smile at strangers, help someone to their car with their groceries, and most of all, don’t for get to say thank you. Small acts of kindness can make all the difference in someone’s day.

Spend your time with these small acts for others, but don’t forget to do small acts for yourself. As I’ve explained in one of my previous articles (read here- The Great Thing About Nothing) I’ve come to realize that even though are society has become more “self-absorbed”, we forget to spend time with ourselves. We spend too much time immersed in the big events. Go to a yoga class or learn to meditate, have a spa day, get a new hair cut, create a bonfire, eat your favorite food. Doing something little that you enjoy can help you relax, forget the stresses of the day, and most importantly show appreciation toward yourself. You deserve to have time to yourself. 

Do thing for others. Not just to get a “thank you” out of it, because sometimes, you won’t. Help others because of the feeling it gives you. You’re taking time out of your day to make someone else’s easier. That’s pretty special. Make sure you take time to appreciate yourself. Do what it is your good at. Enjoy the little moments in life. They’ll always be the most important. 


3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. The continuation project will never end. Instead? It WIL be flooded endlessly with new beginnings. This writer, this very person has brought so much meaning, tears and hot to my life through not just the project, but who she is as a person. The world truly needs more people like her in life, and I’m so glad I could see the beautiful nature to her every spoken word. Well done, writer. Kick butt!

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