LDR’s and all the space in between 

While this is so what of a random topic, it’s a very important one in my life. Long distance relationship. Hearing these three words give most people chills, but for me and the others that have been in one, it’s different. 

The average person would question why you would ever bother considering an LDR. Why would you waste your time on someone miles away? Why would you risk them cheating or leaving because of the distance? The answer is a simple one. Relationships are supposed to be about trust and strength, right? How much stronger would your bond have to be, if your partner lived 1,702 miles away? You’d have to be able to handle the fact that meeting might take a long time. That you can’t always be there when they’re upset. That you can’t psychically show them how much you love them. 

But that’s what makes them so great. Long distance relationships test the bond between the two people. Each side is going to have to compromise differently then they would if they lived together. For example, my boyfriend lives in a different timezone, so I willingly lose a bit of sleep each night to talk to him. Where ever you and your partner live, regardless of the distance, commitment is key. As are strength and determination. 

There are people out there that will deter you. They will try to oppress you and tell you things that will make you question whether or not you should keep trying. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter what they think. It’s not their relationship, is it? If it’s something you truly want, you don’t let anything stop you. Do not let people tell you that the other person is going to leave. Do not let them make you doubt the incredible bond you two have. 

Keep eachother strong. You are miles apart, but not at heart. Remind eachother daily how much you appreciate eachother. Spend as much time communicating as possible because it will make you grow stronger, but respect the fact that the other person might become busy and distant. Talk about things. This is a relationship; the conversation does  should not be total flirtation. Talk about your differences. Come to eachother for guidance. Laugh, cry, and just be. A long distance relationship is definitely a hard one. But they’re incredibly worth the wait. 


Now for a bit of sales pitch/story…

My boyfriend and I met through a friend who met him in Colorado. She introduced us in December and we’ve been dating since January 26th. We both have medical conditions, and our families would find it difficult to come up with the money to see eachother. His prom is coming up on April 23rd, and I would love nothing more than to be able to see him then. Of course, since it is pretty close, any time is acceptable. Long story short, one of his good friends has created a GoFundMe page, which is open to donation. The goal is set high, but any money contributed would be greatly, greatly appreciated. If you are not interested in donation, that’s perfectly oksy! All I ask is that you share this story with others, so that they can know of our story. Thank you!!

Link>> Click here to be connected to the GoFundMePage!!


3 thoughts on “LDR’s and all the space in between 

  1. When you were talking about others trying to dissuade you from your LDR, you hit the nail on the head when you said:

    “It’s not their relationship, is it?”

    No, it’s not. You need to do what’s right for you, and only you know what that might be!

    I will check out your GoFundMe page later this month when I get paid. Getting to see your boyfriend for prom is definitely something I would contribute to.

    Have a great weekend Julie!

    Melissa 🙂


  2. Ah yes I remember when I was a crisp young teenager. Very tarnished, very upright. I had a young man friend (haha you know what I mean, sister!) who moved to Maine to pursue his dreams. I loved this man more than there are grains of sand of every beach lemme tell ya! We only remained dating for 73 days until it came to its faithful end. I miss him. He was a nice man. I don’t know where he is now… maybe he’s with Gods angels. I pray to your guardian angel because I know they’re by your side! Stay rockin and rollin baby girl!
    With love,
    Your virtual Aunt Ronda!


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