There’s nothing worse then being tormented when it already feels like you’re drowning. It’s almost as if certain people are born with a radar, so that they can tell as soon as you’re struggling. And as soon as they see that they’re doing better than you? That’s when the scoffing starts. The stares. The remarks from the back of the room. Yes, instead of helping you (because obviously, they know so much more than you) they decide to kick you when you’re down. And that’s not acceptable. 

There are multiple different reasons for why someone would feel the need to belittle you or make you feel less confident about yourself. One of these reasons is that (these) people feel better about themselves when they’re at the top of the totem pole. As long as people think they’re “cool”, they have nothing to worry about. 

Another reason could be that maybe, once, they weren’t so “cool”. Maybe they had confidence issues. Maybe they were bad at a certain subject in school, and the same thing that’s happening to you happened to them. Moral of the story? Don’t let people’s negative actions rub off on you. Stay true to yourself, accept your flaws and mistakes, and continue. You are better than how you are treated. It can be hard to ignore the negative things people do and say to you, but turning the other cheek and keeping your chin up will indefinitely weaken the enemy. And who cares what they think, anyway? This is your life. Don’t let anyone stop you from living it. 


4 thoughts on “Opressors

  1. Hello honey it’s your favorite virtual Aunt Ronda! I’m here to bring you those rays of sunshine that bask in the glory of the way to lead to the path of the mortal salvation. You know I had church last night and Father Benjamin (he’s a crazy fellow for a priest more like BenJAMIN haha!) asked if we had any intentions that we held in our hearts and not only did I think of my grandchildren and cats but I thought of you. You crossed my mind. You are a very POWERFUL and KIND young lady! Make it into this big world and don’t forget about that city. I suggest Indianapolis I had some mighty fine memories there.
    May God bless you baby child!


  2. Awesome post! It sucks when people knock you down instead of helping you up — many times, they’re jealous of you, which is flattering, I guess (though it’s no excuse for their behaviour). My favorite line: “Stay true to yourself, accept your flaws and mistakes, and continue.”

    Stay strong. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  3. Hi Julie,
    I’m impressed with the wisdom you have at such a young age. I think you are spot on with the advice you offer here. Attitude is everything. The only thing I could add that has often helped me in these types of situations is to ask myself, “What am I doing that might make others feel they can behave like that toward me?” More often than not, it’s my body language. If I’m projecting vulnerability, they will pick up on it quickly. So in addition to be thinking positively, try to remember to project it in your body language, too.

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