Phoenix Rising

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but it did. In a matter of minutes, I’ve become the person I’ve always dreamt of being. This “dream” me wasn’t physically different- I didn’t wish to change my appearance or anything trivial like that. All I wanted, was a different mindset. And tonight, right now, at 12:22 in the morning, March 31st, 2016, my wish became a reality. 

I am a Phoenix. I have suffered in the past (as we all do), and I have risen from my own ashes. I am able to think clearly, and firmly believe without a doubt, that I can do this. That I am doing this. Ever since about middle school, all I’ve wanted to do is to help people. To help people, and to help myself in the process. And it took me till just now to realize that something I’ve always wanted to pursue as a career, is happening in my life every day. I’ll never stop helping people. I have found my calling. 

My mind was once filled with negativity and doubt. I couldn’t think about the idea of tomorrow without getting anxious. And sure, roadblocks are still going to occur. They’re inevitable. But I now possess the strength and determination to cross these borders, and not be afraid of what lies on the other side. 

I now realize that every day is a blessing. Every day is a chance to make up for what might not have gone right yesterday. Every day is a reason to appreciate all that you have, because it might be all that you get. Every day is an opportunity to see life for all its beauty. Life is precious. And I have learned that every day has the potential to be magical. 
It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see everything so differently now. At the beginning of the Continuation, I knew I wanted to change. But now? That change has officially been made. I have been reborn into someone who sees inspiration and beauty in things I’d never even give a second glance before. 

It’d be wrong of me to say that this change happened all by my own work. That would be a complete and utter lie. The people closest me, though there might be few, are the people that have helped me become who I am today. A math teacher, a counselor, a best friend, a parent, a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter what title they possess. I have met people who have made me love myself in a matter of hours. I have met people who have seen an untamed strength within me, that has given me the courage to continue when nothing else could. Mere words have been said to me, and have been able to make me inch closer to that ideal me. 

And just like people have inspired me, so have other things. A movie with a hidden message. A framed piece of colorful artwork. A meal that makes your mouth water. I have been inspired to change my life, by life itself. 

Everything has a message. Whether it’s a partner who teaches you to love yourself, or a movie thats message is to never give up. I’ve been inspired by so many things I used to take for granted. 

There is always hope. Always. There is always hope, beauty, and a lesson in every situation; in every moment. It is your mission to find such things, and to thrive on them knowing that tomorrow will be just as good, or even better, because you learned to get through today. 

So, continue. Never, ever give up the fight, knowing that all you have to do, is believe. Whatever you’re doing right now, take a minute to yourself. Say, “I can do this. I have the power to make my life an amazing thing, so long as I believe.” And lastly? Believe it. Because this life is beautiful. So live it beautifully. 


9 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising

  1. Oh baby doll your posts are so refreshing. It’s like sipping cold lemonade on a hot day. Where can I even BEGIN to describe how strongly I feel about you… You’re such a strong gal. I’ve said this multiple times but it is SO true I must say it again. In my day I was in a dance group called The Phoenix’s. We did jazz and tap numbers. We even went to Iowa for a dance competition and got 3rd place. I feel like this is an example to keep doing what you’re doing in order to achieve great things. Can I adopt you as my niece or would that be weird?! Haha only kidding sweetie.
    Stay classy, stay beautiful, stay humble, stay strong, stay your beautiful self honey cause you don’t gotta change anything!!! And that’s the TRUTH.
    Keep livin your life sweet little one!
    Your favorite Aunt Ronda

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  2. You are wise beyond your years, and inspire readers twice your age. I enjoyed reading this post not just for the message within it, but also because of how eloquently you write. Have you ever thought of writing your life story? I think it would help many people and be a great read.

    Have a great week! šŸ™‚

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  3. I just stumbled across your blog by accident and i am so glad! I feel like you and I are oh so familiar. Your posts are so beautiful and honest, and your writing itself is beautiful. You are so incredibly strong, and you are inspiring as well. Stay amazing, and stay you. I look forward to reading more. ā¤

    *also, i love love love #thecontinuationproject ā¤

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