Things About Pain

Pain. It’s something we all try to avoid. Whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or anything in between. Pain has always been something that people have tried to run from. Here’s why.

Pain brings on,or is caused by your “bad” emotions. Sad, mad, hurt, lost, confused, etc. The way you react to things that happen in your life, is going to determine whether or not you feel this pain.

Yes, I’ve been there just like most of you have. Heartbreak hurts. Losing a job hurts. Cutting ties with people who you thought would never hurt you, hurts. But as I said before, these things are inevitable. No one has a perfect life. Bad things are going to happen, and it’s up to you to decide what to do about it.

Even though pain is inevitable, it doesn’t mean you can’t get through it. When the bad things happen, sulking, complaining and wishing it weren’t so are going to get you nowhere. Instead, I challenge you to see the bright side of things.

Because maybe you did go through a breakup, and maybe it was even your fault. But instead of wanting the person back and beating yourself up about it, take this time to reflect on yourself. What can you change so this doesn’t happen again? And really think, is this all that bad? Losing people hurts, but the sad reality is that sometimes it’s for the best. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.

The same goes for jobs or any other situation. You have to take a step back, and look at it from a different angle. Ask yourself why it happened, and if you truly made the right choice. Because even though pain is inevitable, you can still continue.


4 thoughts on “Things About Pain

  1. I love how you turn something negative around into something positive and look at it like its ‘a time to reflect’. That really resonated with me!


  2. Oh my dearest Julie.. Let me tell ya.. I have felt some pain in my life. While I’m sitting here bed ridden, I’m beginning to think of all the memories I had and the opportunities I missed. Some of these memories are good and some of them are bad. Even though I don’t want my final thoughts to be negative, the bad memories taught me a lesson in life. I won’t be here forever to read your posts but I want you to know my dearest, that you are a strong gal. I hope you make a new post so I’ll be able to comment soon.
    Love your Aunt Ronda. xoxo


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