No Regrets

If you had the power to time travel and change things from the past, would you do it?

I wouldn’t. Although there are some things that have happened that have changed my life dramatically, I wouldn’t keep those things from happening if I had the chance.

Every thing that you’ve been through, good and bad, has led you up to this point. All the bad things have taught you how to be stronger. All the good things have taught you to appreciate what you have.

I’m not saying to “live with no regrets” and put your life on the line by doing obviously crazy stunts because you can. All I’m saying, is that the things that have happened to you have shaped you into who you are today. The people you have met and the places you’ve been all play a part in the creation of you.

Don’t waste time worrying or wishing things had worked out differently. If they were meant to work out differently, then they would have. Accept the way things are now. It’s what’s made you, you. And you are beautiful. So continue your story.


3 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Oh my ray of sunshine, Julie. Now lemme tell ya…this has really made me think about my memories in a new light. Sure, I DO regret not pursuing my OBOE dream, but now that you have mentioned it, I would not be the spunky aunt I am today. HECK, I may have never even found your blog if I didn’t go on MY life journey. My days are numbered, but I still remember a quote Papa once said to me “when they do it, I don’t think that I have it” and I think that’s something you could take to heart as a youth, lemme tell ya.
    Keep ROCKIN and ROLLIN.
    Your virtual aunt Ronda


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