Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking of starting up my YouTube channel again, brand new. I’m thinking the videos are going to be centered around my blog, but I’m not sure. What do you guys think? I’m also planning on throwing in some vlogging and occasionally a singing video. I need feedback! What do you guys want to see? And what kind of topics should I cover? Let me know and ill be sure to mention to in the video!


3 thoughts on “YouTube?

  1. My Julie! I’m not gonna lie… I had to look up what youtube was on the googles. I would LOVE to see you make films and hear your sweet sweet voice. Now lemme tell ya… When I was a young pre teen I wanted to become a Hollywood superstar. Papa wouldn’t allow me to go out to Los Angeles because he said these singer stars and actors were just stuck up and he KNEW I was too good for it. I hope you enjoy LA when you go out there to film your YouTube videos.
    Although I have one question.. Do I have to watch it on my computer or there a channel I can turn on for my TV? And are you directing these videos on your own or working with a team of producers?
    Love you lots!
    – Aunt Ronda


    • Thank you!! To watch you would have to just click the link ill provide once I make the videos and it’ll take you to the website 🙂 and they’ll be my own, I don’t have the money for a production team lol! (Maybe one day…)


      • I’m am SO delighted you replied and I CANNOT wait to see the content you provide ! I’m used to sitting in this ratty ol bed all day and lemme tell ya….it’s quite the bore. Your videos will give me a reason to wake up in the morning….besides my cats LOL! Can’t wait to see your next post ! Hope those vids are soon…..
        your virtual aunt Ronda


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