Me, Myself, and I

The most powerful thing you can learn from life is that it is truly yours. Your life is meant for you to live, not others. Don’t let people come and try to tell you what’s right or wrong or what you should do unless they have a valid argument or are legitimately trying to help you out.

That’s been my biggest issue for a while. I was always the kind of person that didn’t normally follow their gut. If someone told me that there was a “better” option, my mind would be changed immediately. Growing up I was always like that. I never really had a say for myself, even when my conscience was screaming at me to make my own choices.

Well I say no more of that, and you should to. Learning to live your own life, make your own rules, and do what truly you feel is right- that is when you’ll be happy. Don’t give people the power to play with you. Find the thing that motivates you, and focus on it. This is your life, don’t forget that.


4 thoughts on “Me, Myself, and I

  1. My lovely. This really hit home. When I was a youning I always let others influence me. When I was around the age of 23 I started to do things my way. It started when I owned 7 cats. (Yes I know an old cat lady back then LOL) Now lemme tell ya… Now those cats did EVERYTHING together. Except for one. He didn’t wanna eat when the others did, he didn’t wanna go outside while everyone else was, his bed time was different from the others. I felt like in his cat mind he said “Forget this cat pack!! I’m doing what I wanna do!!” And that really inspired me to do what I want and not to follow along with others. Take after my cat, Mathias, if you’re feeling like you’re following society. Much love to you my lovely.


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