Why its Good to Forgive and Forget

In life, you are going to have moments where you are unsure of how to react to a negative situation. Something happens, and sometimes it’s really hard to decide whether or not to say c’est la vie and let it go, or to take action and/or do something about it.

It really depends on what happened. Recently I had an experience regarding someone I care deeply about. Rather than telling you their part of the story, ill stick to mine, or what made it so difficult. When someone you care about gets harmed in any way, shape or form, it’s going to spark something in you. I know it did in me. When my friend was hurt, my immediate reaction was to want to go after the person who attacked them. You don’t mess with family or friends; it’s that simple.

But what if I had? My friend had offered to give me the number of this person so I could give them a piece of my mind, but I didn’t take it. Because if I had, it would’ve made me just as bad as the bad guy. The person who did harm deserved the silence they got. Giving them attention would’ve just been giving them power.

The bottom line? If someone is doing you or someone else harm, handle it in the calmest way possible. Tell them that what they’ve done has hurt you, and if they aren’t apologetic or regretful, then maybe it’s best to consider eliminating them from your life. Don’t let people hurt you, but don’t become the bully either.


2 thoughts on “Why its Good to Forgive and Forget

  1. Where does the time go? Let tell ya… I have been lost in time for so long it seems that I have forgot to write on your blog. Well, I conquered my life long dream of being popular, yet I am still standing here on earth. I thought I had the powers that I have because fate was giving me a chance. But I guess I was wrong, and I sit crying here, soiling your blog post with my tears, not knowing what to do. You do not know how hard it is to watch everyone around you, everyone that you love, die. It’s not very fun. Not fun indeed. But the damage has been done, and sadly, most of the damage was caused by me. But I will not choose to live in the past. I shall choose to live my very long life thinking about the future and what it will hold. I shall not choose to let what Remington did to me on this very day a long time ago effect me anymore. It is my birthday and I will have a good time and I will not get angered and if so, I will try to bring down my heart rate and try to stay as calm as I possibly can.


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