In A New Light

In relationships, bad things are bound to happen. That’s just inevitable. And when these little inevitable things are the cause of a break-up or fall-out, it can be really scary to keep going with another. You think about the way that those little things were toxic, and in my experience, it can make it really scary when you start to see those things happening again with someone else. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some simple ways to help protect yourself and the relationship you are in.

Take it Slow. Really, really slow. Get to know the person really well before jumping the gun and falling head-over-heels. It’s totally okay if you and your partner are the type to move a little fast, but just make sure what you’re doing is consensual, and that you remember that things could possibly end differently than you thought, before you really get into anything.

Everyone’s Different. People are as different as the stars in the sky. We all have our different emotions, quirks, and motives. Like I said, make sure you take time to really get to know the person so that if something should happen, you might be able to understand why better.

Talk It Out. This is the biggest thing. While getting to know the other person is crucial, being able to talk openly about your problems is even better. You need to be able to communicate and tell each other what you’re feeling. It can be tempting to keep your feelings inside for fear of fighting or losing the other person, but it’s much better to talk things out and see how things go then just ignore it.

Remember The Past, Don’t Relive It. The past is in the past. As simple as that. I know first-hand that bad things happen. And these bad things might cause you to break it off with someone and you may be afraid of being hurt again. But remember, you are human. We are meant to feel. To love, and get hurt. It’s just the way things go. Don’t push yourself away from people for the fear of getting hurt. Go into new things with an open mind. If bad things should happen, try to work through it instead of running.

Relationships are an amazing thing. And it’s normal to come across bumps in the road. The real test is how you get over them. Of course if things become toxic, then maybe it’s time to consider looking elsewhere. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s to fight for what you love. So do so with your chin up and a deep breath, and continue.


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