Cold Feet

It’s a few days before my 19th birthday, and I can’t wait. I’ve already pretty much kicked adolescence to the curb, and I’m excited to start being an adult.

Except, things don’t happen quite that quickly. You don’t wake up at 18 or 21 with a letter from the universe stating that “your adult life begins now”. It just doesn’t work like that. Becoming an “adult” or “independent” takes time, just like anything else in life. You must learn, change, develop, and grow at your own pace. Things will come. Not all at once, though. Think about how stressful it would be if you woke up on the day of your “adult” birthday (whatever you consider that to be) and suddenly had to do everything yourself; completely independent. That would be terrifying.

Take your time. Most of my readers are older than I am, and have already reached this “adult” peak, but it doesn’t just have to stop there. Don’t fret over being where you want to be, whether that’s years from now or tomorrow. Focus, practice, and carry out a plan, but the moment you start to worry and doubt is the second that the journey becomes troublesome. Life is an incredible thing! Enjoy the ride.


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