Always Be Prepared

Life is going to throw curve balls. Plans are going to get cancelled, friends are going to leave and relationships are going to end. And that’s just how it goes. Life has a funny way of turning out differently than you expect it. But with that, you have to be prepared. You have to be knowledgeable and ready. 

Because when things don’t go as planned it can hurt. I know as well as anyone else what it’s like to be in that position. But you have to accept that these things happen, and not to be dramatic, but the thought that the fun might end at any time has to stay in the back of your mind at all times. 

It’s much better to know these things could happen and be ready when they do, than getting caught up in the thrill and regretting it later. 

Take your time. Enjoy every second. This is your story, and it doesn’t come with an eraser. Live consciously in the moment and make sure you’re as prepared as you can be, because you never know what could happen. 

As the year comes to a close, I wish you all the best. Thank you to those who have supported me and have been with me through my journey. And lastly, continue. Life the life you crave. Do things that set fire to your soul. Find your calling. Find yourself. And continue. 


One thought on “Always Be Prepared

  1. Oh Julie. I remember my first man. His name was Almus and let me tell you.. I was in LOVE! Just the name Almus made the butterflies in my stomach flutter. Our love story began at a Kansas City Royals game. I drank a lot (Of water!) and I needed to go, and you know when you gotta go… YA GOTTA GO. At this point I was sprinting to the bathroom. I wasn’t even paying attention. I was so focused on going to the bathroom that I ran into Almus. Now I hate to get graphic, but it’s a bodily function so in the nicest terms GET OVER IT! Anyways, the impact of the collision was so hard.. that it caused me soil myself. I know what you’re thinking… EW! But I’m sharing sharing my love story. At this point pee was dripping down my skirt and I was MORTIFIED. Almus had napkins since he bought a hot dog so he wiped the urine from my leg. What a gentleman! I remember the first thing he said, “Hey don’t you worry buttercup, Almus got you.” Then he winked. My heart MELTED. He took my hand (which now that I look back at it is weird because they were sticky from my urine) and invited me to sit with him at the game. I ended the night sharing a kiss with him. I truly loved Almus. He was such a good fellow. We dated for 3 years. I thought he was going to be the one. I hate that this story is going sour but unfortunately, he passed. It was the worst night of my life. Almus loved his hotdogs but one day those hot dogs didn’t love him. That’s all i want to say about this ILL just get upset.
    Anyways, Great Post!

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