The New Me 

Hey guys! It seems I’m posting on here less and less, but the truth and reality is, now that I’m done with school, there aren’t many things going on. I mean, I could write about all the little things I’m going through on a day-to-day basis, but that would make my posts overly-personal and that’s not why I created this blog. 

I created this blog nearly a year ago to share my origin story. The story of how I realized I was unhappy and how I was going to make it my life mission to become more positive and live a healthier life. By giving advice and telling you what has worked for me, I hope to do the same for others. But the intention of this blog isn’t to tell you every little thing I go through. 

We all have hectic lives, and there’s no doubt or shame in that. Growing up and being an adult means there are lots of thoughts, relationships, and responsibilities that need to be maintained and kept in check. Every passing day helps me to hone in on what’s really important. Writing this blog is extremely meaningful to me, but I need to make sure that what I tell you is just as meaningful. 

I know that having a more personal side to my posts is going to help create a better picture and help you get to know the girl behind the screen, so here and there I’ll let you in. But everyone has a right to keep their lives private or share what they want, and I know that keeping my day-to-day life on the DL isn’t going to harm anyone. 

I’ve been going through moving back into my dad’s for a short while until my mom finds her feet, and in this process I’ve been focusing on downsizing. Let’s be honest, how many girls complain that they don’t have enough clothes, yet you have an outfit for every day of the year? I’m going to be donating nearly three-quarters of the things that I own, including clothing, books, and knick knacks I have lying around. Part of living a less stressful life means being surrounded by less things that have little to no meaning to me. 

I’ve been doing the same thing with people. Like with the items, you need to find out which are actually important to you, and keep those. Anything that doesn’t add value to your life shouldn’t be in it. 

I urge you all to do the same. I have a while to go yet, but everything Continues and moves on. And so will I. I’m not quite reinventing myself, just defining what makes me, me. And finding out who you are is a beautiful thing. 


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