3 Things To Do On Social Media To Live A Better Life

Social media is something that nearly everyone uses (except my dad, who prefers the mysterious solitary life) and the effects can be more damaging than you realize. That being said, I have some questions for you. 

Are you happy or inspired when you scroll through your news feed?

Do you often find yourself liking every post that comes up or following many “famous” accounts?

Do you feel you should be getting more credit for the things you post?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, chances are, you’re using your social media wrong. And that’s okay! It’s an easy fix, and I’m here to help. 

Growing up as a kid, I followed a lot of celebrities or otherwise well-known pages on IG and FB (Instagram and Facebook). As I grew older and looked back at my accounts, I realized that all these meaningless pages did nothing for me. We have a habit of following people with different goals than us and it can make you feel overwhelmed, or that you can’t compare. Look through who you’re following and make sure that the pages are meaningful to you somehow. Whether it’s a page dedicated to working out, a diy page, or someone who posts inspiring quotes, don’t clog your feed with meaningless info, people, or drama. Only follow people and pages that will benefit you. 

Start a Pinterest, Dream or Vision Board. Let’s be honest, social media is addicting. But instead of mindlessly scrolling through stories or pictures, why not use social media to keep organized and motivated? Sign up for an app like Pinterest, and keep safe a huge inventory of things that are beneficial to you. You can create Boards to keep things like recipes, outfit inspiration, workout videos, the possibilities are nearly endless. Keeping everything organized and together can help you keep track of what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s weight loss, inspiration for a career, or in general a healthier lifestyle. 

The last tip I have for you is to only post things to social media that are important to you. Much like those other pages you’ll be following for inspiration, people will come to your pages more if you are authentic and have a “niche” with reoccurring topics. Whether you’re into art, history, or vegetarian meals, don’t worry about what other people will think, post things that make you feel something.  

And that’s it! Social media is an ever-growing source of information and entertainment, and we should be using it to our advantage. That being said, you can follow my day-to-day and the things I find inspiring on my social media, and I hope this helped! Leave a comment with your pages so I can follow you, and like this post so I know it helped! 

Instagram: continuationproject

Pinterest: Julie Mako

Snapchat: continuationofj

(I will be making pages specifically for The Continuation Project soon, keep an eye out on updates!) 


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