Start With What You Have To Finish With What You Want

I made a post on my Instagram this morning, with the quote, “Start with what you have to finish with what you want”. This quote (created by yours truly), ly hit somewhere important for me. 

There are so many people out there who are unmotivated, aggravated, or lost with their goals, because they get caught up in the end result. They think, “I want to be here now, this is taking forever, I’ll never get there”. 

What you have to realize is things take time and effort. You aren’t going to become successful in a day. You aren’t going to get that end result, until you put the work in, and make it happen. It’s that simple. 

You are capable of achieving nearly any thing you want in this life. Wanna be rich? Okay. Want to own an multi-million dollar company? Alright. Want to be healthy, happy, and fufilled? Great. 

All of the things you want in life are obtainable. But you must start small. You must work in baby steps. Create tiny goals and keep checking them off. Make your friends your accountability partners. 

Everyone starts somewhere. So start today. Because if you don’t, you won’t get what it is you want. Put in the work, and anything is possible. 


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