Wellness Wednesday- Do What You Can

As I started writing this, I was inspired to change topics by the good Samaritan who is now mowing our yard. My father’s lawn mower is in repair, so you can imagine how wild our yard looks! The man outside is a true hero. 

Do what you can. I know it’s super easy to become lazy, but never make someone else do your work because of it. Only ask for help when you absolutely need it. 

Like the boy who cried wolf, if you keep making up false situations, or situations where you don’t really need the help, no one will come around when you do. 

And do the same for others. If someone asks for help, aide them, but make sure you don’t fall for their trap if they just are looking for someone else to do the work. 

Do everything you can, and don’t rely on other people to get your own things in your own life done. Thank those who help you when you need it. 

And on that note, thank you guys! I now have 50+ followers on this blog, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for the support! If you have any ideas for future blog posts, leave a comment!

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