Motivational Monday: Appreciate What You Have 

It’s really easy to see what someone else has, and to either wish you had the same, or despise them because they have more. I think we’ve all been guilty, especially of the last one. We use the fact that that one girl back in highschool had a collection of high-end bags and makeup, so we hate her. The one guy from work who has a fast car and nice hair, so we avoid him. 

Jealousy is something our society is almost dependant on. We experience it every day when we’re walking the street or reading social media. We see the nice hair and the beach body and wonder why we can’t have the same thing. It’s discouraging to most. 

I struggled with this for such a long time, and I want to share with you what I learned. 

Firstly, I realized that just because someone has more than you, or more expensive versions of the same thing, does not mean they are an awful person and should be resented. They are human just like you, and I’m sure they have their own jealousies to work out. Money has (usually) no bearing on the personality of a person. 

Secondly, just because someone else goes on nine vacations a summer, or has a house full of animals, does not mean that they were given to them on a silver platter (or..leash?). Nine times out of ten those people have worked for what they earned. 

Tying into this, is the realization that you are abundant. You have quite a lot of good opportunity in your life. It’s just up to you to see it. Sure, every one of my friends on social media is posting pictures of their week-long vacations to the beach, going out all the time with sun-kissed skin and flashy sunglasses. What do I have? I had a week (and a few days extra) worth of day trips to all kinds of places, with many different people. 

See, just because you don’t have the best version of something, does not mean you don’t have anything. Look at your life. Look around you at all the objects in your house, the food in your kitchen, the clothes in your closet. You have so much already, and I bet you didn’t even realize it because you were wishing for someone else’s life. 

You are not meant to life the exact same life as someone else. You have your own preferences and opinions. If you want to go on extravagant month-long vacations, sipping drinks while watching the sunset from a cruise ship, go ahead. If you want to take weekly hikes and appreciate nature, go ahead. Don’t let someone else determine what is important to you. 

What is important to you? Write in the comments what you like doing or having, what you have now, and why you don’t have what you want. I’d love to read them, and give some feedback! 


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9 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Appreciate What You Have 

  1. This is a nice post. I totally get what you are saying. I do the same. Mostly because it’s easier to pity ourselves over few things we don’t have than to feel contented with the many thing we have. All it needs is a wake up call and I hope your post can do that for many people!

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  2. Great reminder! You’re right, each person’s journey is different! And though we may go through different things, we’re all going through what we’re going through because it will help us get to our own individual and different destination. What we need isn’t what someone else needs. Also, some people may be at a peak in their lives when we’re in a valley; but eventually, we’ll be at our own peaks when they are in their vally’s.

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