Talk it Out Tuesday: What The Universe Has To Offer 

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Or do you believe that whatever happens, happens, and there’s no controlling it? 

I used to believe that life just isn’t going to work out for me, and that I’d always be unhappy. And the funny thing is, that’s what I was. I was depressed constantly, had no ambition, and no motivation. I was constantly in a negative mindset and couldn’t find a way or want to see past it. 

But over time I started to learn the importance of your thoughts and how they control your emotions, and how your emotions control your mindset. I started to realize that everything I think, do, and say is going to affect me. 

If you go around constantly saying that you have no friends, you will have no friends. 

If you tell yourself you’re not beautiful in the mirror, you won’t ever see yourself as beautiful. 

If you think that your life is depressing, or difficult, or stressful, that’s what it will be. 

I know it’s a really touchy subject for most, but I believe in miracles. I believe that we as humans have an incredible power- the power to create with our minds. The power of belief. In knowing and feeling and trusting. 

And I know that magic can happen because I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. Ive experienced it

The first step is to know that you wish things to change. That you are open to the possibilities of Life, The Universe, God, whatever it is that you believe in. 

Once you know things can change, once you want things to change…they will. I promise. 


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