Try It Out Tuesday: Let it Happen 

Okay, so you all know how I’ve been an advocate for planning, thinking things through, and being as logical as humanly possible, right? Well, now I’m telling you that it isn’t always needed. 

When it comes to relationships, sometimes being logical and thinking aren’t your best option. When you overthink about certain things (like, “wow, they snore a lot. I hate snoring. Maybe I should do something about it. Should I even be with someone who snores?”) It can get messy. Overthinking the little things in a relationship is bound to make you create scenarios and possibilities you would have never have thought of before. 

But think about it this way. When you decided you had feelings for this person, you didn’t go, “hm..I wonder if I like them. Should I have feelings for them?” You just did. So why should you treat the relationship any different? 

I recently went through this, and let me tell you, it’s hard to stop once you start. I was nitpicking at every little thing my boyfriend did, and I was so focused on trying to make him more like me that I started to forget why I fell in love with him in the first place. 

Love should not be hard. Love should not consist of you trying to manipulate and change someone into something they aren’t. There is a difference between forcing someone to change, and motivating them. Love them for who they are, even if they aren’t where you know they can be, yet. 

Don’t question your love based on the little things. If he or she has a few quirks, they shouldn’t matter! If you truly love them, you’ll learn to look past them. 

The fact that they hate peanut butter and you love it is not something to break up over. 

Don’t question your relationship on being the same. You and your partner are a team. You can be similar, but you will not be the exact same. Use that as an advantage and not a fault. 

Use your list making abilities to keep everything in check, and their laid-back personality to keep you from stressing too much. 

Relationships aren’t meant to be hard, and you aren’t supposed to question. Let things happen. Work together as a team. After all, that’s what couples are supposed to do, right?


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