Motivational Monday: How To Get All That You Want

We all have that list of things we’d like to get done (whether it’s a bucket list of crazy things, a daily chores list, or a business plan) that lies somewhere in our house or mind, collecting cobwebs. We have the intention, that want, but we don’t have the how. 

In my last post, I explained that anything you want, can be yours. Like, anything. Read that post here. I received a ton of amazing feeback from that post, so I’m excited to share this one with you today. 

If you’re anything like me, you walk around your kitchen, realizing you need food. You think about all the things that you need or want to buy, and make a mental note, and then you leave the kitchen. You go about your day and when it’s time to go shopping…that mental note, is not only gone, it was never enough in the first place. 

Imagine that. You got yourself all excited about the thought of what you were going to get, and then you couldn’t because you didn’t plan it out. Creating the thought of the thing you want is the first step, like I explained on Thursday. But accomplishing goals (especially those much bigger than a shopping list) need a ton of thought put into how you’re going to accomplish it. 

Once you get clear about exactly what you want to create, attract, manifest, etc, you then need to determine how long it’s going to take. Some goals take a few days, some a month or a few, and some are longer and take a few years. Figure out how important the goal is, and how long you think it will take to accomplish. 

Once you’ve figured that out, and stated exactly what the end goal is (ex: publish a book in two years, learn how to sew in a month, read five books in a year), you can then break it down into smaller chunks. What will you do in the next few months that will help you reach your goal? For example if you picked read five books in a year, you could break it down into getting a book done every couple of months. 

Then, you can decide what you will do daily to help you reach your goal. So if you picked the book example, you could say you would read five chapters a day, or whatever you think is manageable. 

For goals that require more than one thing to get done, do the same. Start with one part, and once you get those checked off, move to another section to work on. If I wanted to start a business, I could split up goals to learn how to create one, steps to take to buy a location to put my business, and steps to keep my business growing. 

That is one way you could sort your goals, and it does depend on what that goal is. The other way is to start backwards with smaller goals first. Say I had too many clothes and I wanted to donate them. My first goal could be to every day, remove one outfit from my wardrobe that I no longer wear, up until the end of a month or two. At that deadline, you could then decide to bag the clothes you gathered, and place them aside. At the end of the year(or however long it takes), you’ve got everything done. This is a much more lenient way of doing things, so I like to save this way for goals that don’t require as much attention or aren’t that important. 

And it really is up to you. Sort through your goals, find out which are more important, and how long they’ll take. Every goal is different and requires different steps and strategy. Even the crazy million-dollar masion that you dream of, that can be yours too. The money, the job, the partner. All it takes is knowing what you want, and then creating a plan to get it. 

I’d love to hear the goals or things you guys want to attract in your lives! Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to read and get back to you! I hope this helped! 


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