Hey, there, my name’s Julie. I’m eighteen, and a senior in high school. I started this blog shortly after realizing that even though I’m still quite young, I want my life to change; to be different. I started using the hashtag #thecontinuationproject to mark the progress I’ve been making, on my social media, and that’s why I named my blog after it. To remind myself, and hopefully others through my posts, that becoming a better person doesn’t really mean you have to completely start over, but to shake it off, and continue. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a wonderful piece of sound advice. Knowing that it comes from a high school student is promising, as I see you as the future.

    We need positive outlooks, and you seem to have one. Here’s hoping that you are going to stay vigilant, writing as often as you can; maybe going for once a month to stay current.

    Visitors will love reading your stuff!

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