In the end, we are only human. We all make mistakes (yes, even me! ūüėČ ) And it’s important to remember that. Things happen, and whether they were in our control or not, done in our best interest or not, it is up to us to decide how we are going to react. 

Reacting negatively rarely gets you a positive result. Take your time to analyze the situation, and if applicable, put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Take a deep breath before you judge or get mad. Nowadays we have a habit of jumping to conclusions, and handling things selfishly. 

If something negative comes your way, release it. Forgive. Even if it still hurts. You are allowed to be hurt, and forgive at the same time. Forgiving releases your negative connection to that event. Face the problem head on. Be clear, precise, and direct. 

Don’t allow people to make you upset, and don’t allow negative events to ruin your day. Explain how you feel, and work on it so that it doesn’t happen again.  Forgive. 

You’ll thank me later.