Putting Things In Motion

I’m so excited, so grateful, so amazed, that I can barely breathe. 

Everything is so different than it was a year or even six months ago. Things are changing, as they always are, but these are BIG changes. 

I’m not alone anymore. I went through a period where I wasn’t close to anyone and didn’t know people that truly aligned with me. I have that now, as of a few days ago. I joined a Law of Attraction group and the energy there is so amazing. I have many new friends, and a wonderful support system. The people around me are people who genuinely want the best for not only me, but our little community. It feels amazing to be a part of that and I know I have friendships that will last a lifetime. 

My love life is rapidly blossoming. My guy is making all kinds of healthy and positive changes (as well as I) and he makes me so, so proud. Today he told me he had a Kale Burger and I almost had a heart attack! I’m extremely grateful for how far we’ve come and I know we’ll continue to prosper. While there are always things to improve upon, he reminds me daily that ultimate change doesn’t happen overnight. You must always keep working, no matter how small the steps. 

I had a period where I was really unmotivated and fell off my goals. I was lazy and exhausted merely because  I wasn’t doing anything, and I got used to it.  But I’m back to waking up early. I make sure to stretch my legs every morning. I drink plenty of water, and I actually started cooking on my own (don’t laugh, I’m a late starter) and it’s exciting. I have a growing blog of my own, and one that I wrote for that makes me money. (check it out! Shes It!)

Everything is looking up and I am so beyond grateful. I know exactly what I want to do with my coaching now, and I’m starting to offer free consulations to people who are interested. I absolutely love what I do, and there is no stopping this girl.